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About Sarah Buch

Real estate and many of the branches involved became a genuine interest to me right out of college. Landing my first job with a large company specializing in third party relocations was a great beginning. Representing corporations who purchased their employees' homes so they could transfer to new areas and opportunities introduced me to a variety of real estate fundamentals and practices. A ten year detour in the marketing rep business honed my selling and people skills. I thoroughly enjoy working with people and am quite motivated. After this exciting and fulfilling experience, I relocated to Colorado, began studying real estate law and practice, where I obtained my Colorado Real Estate Broker's License in 1994. In this ever-changing field, 29 years of representing buyers and sellers has been amazing. I am always learning and experiencing something new. What remains constant is my dedication to those with whom I work. Many clients and builders whom I have represented, or customers whom I treated fairly and honestly while representing the Seller side, are now lifetime friends. My free time is spent with family and friends. I enjoy decorating, photography, biking, golf, skiing, fishing and travel, although there is never enough time for it all! While conventional wisdom tells us that the three most important words in real estate are "location, location, location", there are in fact, countless other factors, challenges and decisions involved in buying and/or selling a home. More than anything, I believe my role is to serve as a real estate advisor for my offer advice and options in order for you to make informed, educated decisions. I look forward to representing you with the highest service standards! Call me today to discuss your needs!